Grow lights can be a great investment for those with a green thumb who want to grow certain plants. Maybe you like to grow year-round, or don’t have the right climate for the plants you want to grow. Grow lights can provide that environment for your plants. They sound like the perfect item to add to your indoor garden, but are they worth it?  

So, why are grow lights so expensive? Most grow lights are converting to LED, which uses less electricity and produces less heat. Which, in turn, makes them more expensive to manufacture and sell. The lights also come in specific colors to better provide for your plants, which pushes their cost up. However, there are cheaper alternatives that can still do a decent job. 

These are just a few of the reasons why grow lights can be expensive. But never fear, because there is a reason behind it. Whether you are concerned about the cost or if you even need it, grow lights are a great addition to any indoor garden or green room. This article will discuss the reasoning behind the expense and how grow lights can help you.  

Why Are Grow Lights So Expensive? 

So let’s dive deeper into the cost of these lights. The cost for a grow light can range from $10-$200. These prices can vary based on:

  • Size
  • Brand
  • Store you are buying from

You will probably pay more if you need multiple grow lights. Or if you need larger or longer ones. Measure your plant space before you buy to make sure you don’t buy too much or too few of these lights. 

Another factor in the grow lights cost is how much electricity they need to run. Most plants need light at least 8-12 hours a day to mirror their natural environment. Some plants may be exposed to light 24/7 to get optimal growth. If the cost of electricity worries you, then you may want to invest in an LED grow lamp that will use less electricity over time compared to their non-LED counterparts. 

Next, grow lights are expensive because they are a source of food for your plants. The bulbs are specifically designed to provide the optimal amount of light that your plant needs to absorb to grow. You can think of owning grow lights like fertilizer for your plants. It will help the plant grow and flourish compared to not having one, or sitting it by your windowsill to get natural light. For this reason, grow lights can be priced pretty high. 

Lastly, grow lights can be expensive for the color of the light that they produce. Unlike regular bulbs, grow lights can emit other colors that may better suit your plants. This is why you may have seen greenhouses with purple or red hues, depending on what kind of plant they were growing. Having this effect also will raise the cost of these bulbs. 

What If I Can’t Afford Grow Lights? 

Here are some alternatives for those who were turned off or appalled at the prices for the state-of-the-art grow lights.

Check various sellers and stores

If you only look at one store’s prices, you may miss a better deal at a different place. Various places may hold sales for these bulbs every so often, so check back often! 

You Can Choose Fluorescent Lighting Instead

While grow lighting is optimal for your plants, fluorescent lighting can still be beneficial, and it won’t break the bank. 

Go With Word-of-Mouth

Follow growing groups on social media or talk with people you know who use these lights. They may know of cheaper brands or places you can go to get more affordable lights. Someone may be selling theirs for cheap! 

Even if the cost doesn’t come down much, people who have the bulbs can be better advocates for whether they are worth the price or not. 

Build Your Collection Over Time

There is no rush on having a fully stocked green room or gardening space in one shopping trip. You can buy these light fixtures over time. Start with one and add as your plants grow, and your garden goes. 

You can also plant your garden outside in optimal weather months and bring them inside as the weather starts to cool down. This will give you a few months to save up and buy the lighting you need before you need to bring the plants inside. 

Are Grow Lights Worth It?  

Yes! Grow lights provide optimal lighting for your plants during any time of the year. They give you the chance to grow plants you usually wouldn’t based on where you are geographically located. These plants can give you a food source, decoration, or hobby that you would not have had the chance to explore before. 

Another positive of grow lights is that they can save you money over the long run. They are pricey upfront, especially if you need multiple lights. However, the cost to run these lights is cheaper on your electric bill compared to other light sources. Especially if you invest in the LED grow lights, which will use less electricity. 

Grow lights are also worth it if you plan to use them. If they are more of an impulse buy that gets used once and then shoved into a box in your basement, then they are not worth the cost. If you are committed to growing plants and using these lights, then they will be worth the upfront cost. Be sure that you want the lights before spending money on them. 

Lastly, grow lights are worth it if you live in less than ideal growing environments. This means, that you experience various seasons. This makes it harder for plants to grow and thrive throughout the year. The changing climate can stunt growth or even kill off your plants. If you do live in this kind of climate, you may not need grow lights or at least a bunch of them. 

Where Can I Find Grow Lights? 

First and foremost, you need to know where to go to get grow lights before you can buy and use them. There are many places you can go to purchase different grow lights depending on what type you are looking for. Here is a list of some options: 

  1. Grow lightbulbs – These are perfect for small plants or if you want to help a few plants grow in your house or greenhouse. This is the perfect starter grow light for someone who wants to see if growing indoors is for them. You can find these at various hardware stores and online.  
  2. Dual head grow lights – These lights are long and can help a few larger plants get the lights that they need. This will help light better reach larger plants that the grow lightbulbs may have not been able to reach. These can also be found at various hardware stores and online.
  3. Linkable LED grow lights – These lights are great for ceiling lights that you commonly see in greenhouses or basement greenhouses. They are also linkable so you can make them as long as you need to cover your plants with light. They can be purchased in hardware stores or online. 
  4. Tripod LED grow lights – These are great for a wider range of smaller plants that may need varying light spectrum or exposure. With three different heads, you can cater the light to the specific plants. These can be found online. 


We’ve discussed the reasons why grow lights are expensive, as well as what alternatives you can do or use if they are too expensive for you. Hopefully, this article was helpful and informative! 

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