Growing plants all year long has become more popular, as is the question of whether LED grow lights will eventually wear out. A number of planters have switched over to LED grow lights due to its efficiency and eco-friendly ways. However, for those who haven’t made the switch, those questions still remain in play.

Do LED grow lights wear out? While LED lights are known for long lifespans they are not irreplaceable. It is likely that another part of the system will fail before the light actually does, and that is why many companies put two to 10-year warranties on their LED grow lights. 

What to look out for is the lifespan warranties some companies will offer, as that is simply not true. LED grow lights are more likely to fall in the five to 10-year range before it start to effect your plant and it’s growth. 

The Facts

It is true the LED grow lights may be your best option when it comes to longevity. Along with this, there are a number of facts like the output decreasing overtime and the real lifespan of an LED grow light. On the flipside, there are some myths that definitely need to be busted. 

First, let’s go over the for sure things we know from LED grow lights and what you can expect if you were to get one for whatever indoor plant growing needs you have.  

They’re more Expensive

It’s true LED lights, in general, are more expensive due to their many beneficial factors. The bulbs lifespan alone takes away the hassle of having to pay for replacements all the time. So why not spend a little extra to save in the long run?

To help understand the costs between other grow lights and LED grow lights below is a table you can follow to see what you will pay generally as a difference between Non-LED and LED grow lights.  

Hydro Crunch 600-Watt Equivalent Veg/Bloom Full Spectrum LED Plant Grow Light Fixture$279.99As mentioned in the intro, most LED grow lights offer warranties. This product, in particular, offers a three-year warranty.  
Yield Lab 600-Watt HPS Wing Reflector Digital Dimming Grow Light Kit$159.95Offering nearly half the lifespan of a LED grow light at 24,000 hours. Also, a one-year warranty is offered in comparison to the three or more listed above.  
Viparspectra Series 600WLED Grow Light$159.00Listed on sale for nearly 50 percent off this LED grow light also offers a three-year warranty with a 30-day money-back guarantee.  
Ushio HiLUX GRO 600W HPS Pro Plus Double Ended Lamp $87.00Also on sale from $124.99 but no warranty offered. 

The truth is the reason behind the longer warranties with LED grow lights is because they back up their product for that length of time. They also know that if you are going to be spending the money for a high-quality product that you deserve a lasting light. It’s not that the other ones don’t work; it’s just a simple “you pay what you get for.”

Having said that, LED grow lights are not the only option on the market for high-quality lights. If budget is not of a concern or environmental issues, then perhaps you want to spend more money than you would on an LED light and upgrade. 


LED lights, in general, are known for their energy-saving qualities, and despite an upfront payment, it saves the bills in the long run. As far as chemicals go, it’s a win-win for production and using the light itself. 

Below are the several environment-friendly pluses that come with choosing and LED grow light. 

  1. Efficiency: There is little to no wasted energy being burned up when using an LED grow light. Because they are roughly 80 percent more efficient than regular lights. With LED lights turning 95 percent of its energy into light traditional lighting is nearly the opposite, all while drawing less power. 
  2. Smaller Bills: Despite the upfront bill being costlier than traditional lighting you might want to go with, as we discussed, the energy-efficient LED grow light saves bills down the road as it’s pulling less energy from the socket. This is a win for you and for the world.  
  3. No Toxins: No mercury, no gas, no lead, and no filament. Already miles ahead of a chemical-filled fluorescent light, this seems like a no-brainer with today’s research and science on chemicals being emitted from everywhere. 
  4. Light Distribution: You can count on needing fewer lights to make the indoor “garden” brighter and make sure the plants get what they night. Because of the efficiency with a great percentage of light converted from energy, the light reaches areas a traditional wouldn’t. Therefore fewer lights. Less electricity. 

Not All You Hear is True

LED grow lights make a great choice, but you can’t always believe every single thing you hear about them. It’s easy to get swept away in the amazing positives and benefits like no chemicals, high-quality products, etc. 

But some companies might try and oversell you a picture-perfect product.   

Below are two important myths that need to be busted with LED Grow Lighting. 

  • All LED’s are the same.
  • Life Time Warranty 

There Are Differences 

Not all LED’s are the same, just like not all traditional lights are the same. Sometimes a consumer thinks that just because it is an LED light, it will be perfect for their indoor growing needs for their plants. Not only are the wattages, hues, and more different light to light, but the actual qualities can be different within themselves. 

Start by looking at the lumens. This is the brightness of the light, which is an important factor when thinking about how to effectively grow plants from inside. If you buy a cheaper LED grow light, the output of lumens may be weak if the price is lower. Paying a cheaper price means paying a larger price in the long run.  

Lifetime Warranty 

When you see a LED grow light offer a lifetime warranty because they believe in their product be prepared to be met with arguments. There is a good chance your plants will suffer because LED grow lights are really equipped to deal with 50,000 to 100,000 hours of lifetime before needed to be changed.  

The key is in the title. Do LED grow lights get warn out. They might not die on you completely but they can start to wear out and lose their efficiency that you originally paid for. Where people get fooled is because of traditional light will depreciate in the first 6-9 months. An LED can reach that same level of depreciation in 10 to 20 years. This makes people think that they’ll last forever. 

Not if, But When and Why?

Wit the most basic question being do LED grow lights wear out; then the answer is yes they do. If they offer a lifetime statement without a warranty, then you are being fooled. All good things come to an end if you will. However, it will last many ears and even a decade longer than some of your other light options from you indoor plants. 

The important question to ask is not if the LED grow lights will wear out but instead when they will wear out. This will help determine the quality of your light and how it will affect your plants positively. 

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