Indoor, Automatic Watering Systems come in many different varieties, and it can be difficult to find the best one for your needs. There are many varieties of watering systems for the indoors, and many factors will go into choosing the right one, such as price, convenience, and effectiveness.

What are the 10 best automatic watering systems for indoor plants? 

  1. Claber 8053 Oasis
  2. Blumat Automatic Watering Sensors
  3. AiHihome Automatic Watering System
  4. Stone Color 3-Tier Stacking Planter
  5. Melnor 15100
  6. sPlant Micro Automatic Watering System
  7. Flantor Garden Irrigation System
  8. AGSIVO Drip Irrigation System
  9. MIXC Irrigation System
  10. Aqua Globes

While these watering systems hold a variety of differences, they are the top ten recommended for indoor plants, in order of price from high to low. With differences in price, ease of use, and maintenance, let’s talk about them more in-depth below. 

Types of Watering Systems

  • Plant Watering Spikes. Watering spikes can come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. They are placed into the ground where you want watering to happen, then a plastic bottle filled with water is placed upside down into the spike to allow constant watering to take place with gravity helping it along.
  • Plant Watering Globes. These are similar to the spikes, but they have the reservoir attached, already, making the bottle unnecessary. The globe end of these watering spikes hold water and can water your plants for a long time. 
  • Rain Catcher. While not common, these systems are ideal for places that get a lot of rain. You set up a reservoir to collect rain water; then you create a system of filtering out debris. The collected water will travel through any hose you fit up, like a gravity system, and travel to water wherever you wish. You can set up a timer to your eco-friendly system if you wish.  
  • Self-Watering Planters. The planters hold one or many plants and rely on drip trays to collect water for the plants to absorb as needed. While these systems take attention to make sure there is water collected for your plants, the saving of electricity and on your water bill may make these systems more worth considering.
  • Indoor/Outdoor Irrigation Systems. There are many types of irrigation systems. Some may make use of timers, gravity, or even both. Certain systems may attach to a reservoir or directly to the faucet of your choice. Irrigation systems are designed to get water to each area needed, and many have customizable nozzles to make each watering need unique.

Claber 8053 Oasis

The Claber 8053 Oasis is the most expensive indoor watering system on our list. It has many enticing features to make up for the cost.


  • 4 Program Settings on the Timer. This is important because it allows you to choose how often your plants are watered, based on their needs, without your own scheduling needing to adjust.
  • 20 Plant Capacity. The Claber Oasis can water up to 20 plants at once, allowing for a larger indoor garden that is maintained well. 
  • Everything Needed is Included. Everything, except the battery, is included in the package. This means you can set it up right away without the extra hassle or cost of order other parts.
  • Award-Winning. The Claber Oasis is award-winning and reliable. The design is well-functioning and customizable to your needs. 
  • Easy to Use and Install. The Claber Oasis is easy to install and set up and is ready to use in minutes. There is only one set of easy to understand controls that make your watering needs easily taken care of. 

As stated above, this system is the most expensive on our list, but it is also highly efficient. The Claber Oasis system is reliable, as well, with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty included with your purchase. 

Blumat Automatic Watering Sensors

The Blumat Automatic Watering Sensors are the second-most expensive item on our list. This is a starter drip system and is ready for your beginner garden. In your order, you will find all your needs, such as the tubes, the sensors, the nozzles, and connectors. This is also the best eco-friendly design, so other eco-friendly choices such as the lack of electricity used. 

How the System Works

  • First, the tubes with the nozzles and sensors attached, are connected to an elevated water reservoir such as a bucket. 
  • Next, the nozzles are placed in the soil in the pots with the plants. 
  • Then, when the sensor detects dry soil, it will cause the tube that is clamped to open and release water into the plant. 
  • Finally, when the sensor detects enough moisture, the clamp goes back down, and the water stops flowing. 

While this product doesn’t include the reservoir for water, and it only comes with a set of 5 tubes and nozzles with sensors, it’s automatic detection of watering need makes the Blumat system one of the top systems. Not only will this save your water usage, but this would also be ideal for a rain-catching reservoir due to its already eco-friendly design. 

AiHihome Automatic Watering System

The AiHihome Automatic Watering System is our next recommendation. While it is another drip irrigation system ideal for indoor gardens, its customizable nozzle is what sets it over the edge. 


  • 10 drips heads. This set comes with 10 drips heads that have adjustable nozzles allowing you to choose the strength of the released water. For instance, you could allow it to come out as a mist instead of a free-flow. 
  • Flexible hoses. The hoses are flexible and allows you to arrange them however, you need to reach your plants. 
  • Extensive time customization. This model allows you to set the timer to water your plants as often as every 1 minute or as little as seven days. 
  • Easy to Use. The set-up is easy and quick, with easily understood settings on the control box, too. Set your time, hook up the hoses and water reservoir, and you are ready to go.

With its customization and a wide range of timer settings, this has earned its place as number three on our list. 

Stone Color 3-Tier Stacking Planter

The Stone Color 3-Tier Stacking Planter moves away from electronic and focuses more on natural water collection and absorption. This system will allow the water collection in drip trays to be used as the plants need it, rather than setting up systems to water plants on a set schedule. While this will require you to check your planter periodically, it is no different than needing to fill a reservoir like other systems mentioned in this list. 

These planters are also transportable, allowing you to move your garden outside during good weather, should you wish. With the ability to move the planter when you need, this system is ideal for people who move their gardens during the different seasons.

Its capacity for multiple plants with its 3-tier design allows you to save room inside, as well. Space often is a problem with indoor gardens. This planter offers solutions to many gardening needs. It’s a self-watering system, and space-saving help is why this has been added to our list.

Melnor 15100

The Melnor 15100 is a fair price, highly customizable, and easy to use. This watering system has many desirable features that will make indoor gardening much easier.


  • Ten Nozzles. This allows up to 10 pots to be watered at once, which is ideal for pots with multiple plants, or smaller gardens in general. 
  • You can use the container of your choice. The setup will work with whatever container you choose so you can ensure your needs are met. This is also true for your reservoir choice. You can choose your own reservoir that suits your space and watering needs.
  • Easy setup and use. With the highly customizable equipment, the Melnor is easy to set up each aspect of your system how you need it. The simple-yet-customizable timer is simple to understand and set how you wish. 
  • Additional care equipment. Not only does this set include basics needed for the system, but it also includes a weighted filter and pressure regulator. Not only water care is extra, though. There are spikes and T joints to help you set up your system in any way you need.

With a fair price, the highly customizable system, the added equipment to make sure your garden is best cared for, and the ease of use and setup, this system has more than allows its spot on the list. 

sPlant Micro Automatic Watering System 

The sPlant Micro Automatic Watering System is a smaller automatic watering system designed for gardens that don’t have a lot of plants. 


  • Automatic daily timer. The sPlant system allows for watering every half-day to every 30 days. 
  • Watering interval timer. Not only can you choose how often your plants are watered, but you can also choose how long they are watered with the sPlant system. You can choose a timer of 10-99 seconds of watering. 
  • Safe Information. Even if the batteries die or are removed, your information remains stored in the sPlant. That means when you change your batteries, you don’t have to reset your timers. 
  • Waters-saving. The design and timer system allow you to save water, which is ideal in a drought area.
  • Ease of use. The sPlant is easy to use and setup, ensuring that your garden is simply to care for.

The smaller design and irrigation system itself are ideal for smaller gardening needs, but that doesn’t make it any less beneficial. If the size is right, this may be the choice for your indoor garden with its customizable features and information saving technology. Indoor gardens outside of a greenhouse aren’t typically very large, so if your indoor garden is in your home, this may be the system for you.

Flantor Garden Irrigation System

The Flantor Garden Irrigation System doesn’t come with a time, but all you need to do is turn on your water tap, and it will automatically water your plants exactly as you’ve set up. Prefer a timer? The Flantor set will work with the time of your choice should you prefer one. 


  • Highly customizable nozzles. The Flantor irrigation system has nozzles that can be customized individually to allow you to choose how each plant is watered. 
  • Covers a large area. With this system, you can reach hanging planters, planters on the ground, or even both. With such a large hose and options for attaching the nozzles, this system can cover all your needs. 
  • Choose your watering time. You don’t have to worry about setting up your timer to water your plants unless you choose to. This way, you know exactly how much and how often your plants are being watered.

While this set doesn’t have a timer included, this automatic system is ideal for those who want a more hands-on approach to watering their plants. Each customizable nozzle will allow you to make sure your plants are given what they need, how they need it. You can simply turn the faucet on and rest assured that while you are choosing the watering length and how often plants are watered, your nozzles are giving your plants the water how is needed.

AGSIVO Drip Irrigation System

The AGSIVO Drip Irrigation System hooks upright to your faucet with the timer right there for your ease of use. Highly customizable with a large coverage area, this is a system to choose for larger gardens.


  • Large watering capacity. The AGSIVO system can water 30 plants at once, allowing those with a large garden the ease of watering all their plants at once. 
  • Customizable watering timer. The timer allows for watering every 1 hour to 1 week.
  • Customizable irrigation timer. You can choose watering time for as little as 1 minute to as much at 120 minutes. 
  • Leak prevention. With special connectors, this system can be set up to prevent leaking from the faucet and hose.

With a large watering coverage and easy-to-use setup and timer, this system is great for larger gardening needs. 

MIXC Irrigation System

The MIXC Irrigation System is a customizable, automatic watering system. You can include a timer should you wish, but this system is helpful even without it. 


  • Large watering capacity. The MIXC system can water 20 plants at once, allowing for your gardening needs to be taken care of at once.
  • Customizable area of watering. You can choose if the system waters your plants directly in their pot, drips or mists water from above, or anywhere in between. 
  • Customizable flow rate. You can set it up to drips gently at each nozzle or allow a flow of up to 18.5 gallons per hour.
  • Faucet connectors. There are two kinds of faucet connectors, allowing you peace of mind when choosing this system. 

With the large watering ability and the highly customizable are of watering, way of watering, and even strength and ways of watering, MIXC has earned its place on our list. 

Aqua Globes

The Aqua Globes have been around for a lot of years, and they are a favorite among many. The idea behind the gravity, automatic watering devices isn’t new, as many of the systems on this list use gravity in some way to water plants. However, Aqua Globes are simplified and easy to use, as well as the most inexpensive option on our list. 

Aqua Globes are used by filling the globe part of the stake with water, then stick it into the soil where you want to be watered. The rate of watering is slow and gentle, making sure not to over-water your plants but also giving them a constant source of needed water. 

This system isn’t electronic, and each glob is a single piece, making this the easiest system to use. The globes need to be refilled regularly, as little as every two weeks, and they look attractive while they nourish your garden. 

Aqua Globes can be used in any type of gardens, whether it is indoor potted plants, plants hanging in a basket, or even plants in the ground. Aqua Globes can be found at most every gardening store or even online. 

The Takeaway

With the wide variety of types of watering systems, it may be difficult to discover exactly what you may need for your indoor garden. 

Consider the Following

  • The type of space you are using
  • The number of plants you need watered
  • How often you will need to water them
  • In what capacity do they need to be watered
  • Your own availability in watering schedules
  • Your budget for water and power use
  • Your budget for the kind of system you can afford for your needs. 

In order to make the right choice, you should shop around and consider all the above information. This list is given for each system in a range of price from highest to lowest to suit any budget and watering need. There are more systems available, but we have included those most favored for automatic, indoor watering needs. 

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